SCUBA 4 Kids

Course Fee: $495

This full certification course is designed for kids ages 10-16. We devote special time and attention to make sure kids learn correctly. It is a one week course Monday through Friday during daytime hours.
The course is conducted by NAUI instructor Dave Bennett, a very patient and positive instructor.  He knows how to relate the material to kids and how to manage a group of children.

This is a NAUI Open Water Course and those under the age of 15 will receive a NAUI Jr. Open Water rating. Academics are online but we like to spend extra time teaching the youth and making sure they understand the principles.

All graduates of the NAUI Scuba 4 kids course will receive a FREE  NAUI NITROX COURSE upon completion. This is a $150 value course

All students must own their own personal scuba dive mask and snorkel. We do not longer offer rentals to kids for safety reasons.

Next S4K class:  July 10-14, 2023

David EdwardsSCUBA 4 Kids