Dive Team

We have the finest Scuba professionals anywhere!

Your course is only as good as your instructor! I doesn’t matter if you are taking a PADI course in Idaho or a NAUI course in Hawaii. Get a bad instructor and you get bad instruction. We pride ourselves on having excellent, experienced instructors. We know you are cautious with whom you put your trust and safety with and we want to assure you that our goal is to TRAIN YOU AS IF YOU WERE OUR LOVED ONES.

​It all starts with owner Charlie Stirling. Charlie has been diving since since 1980 and has been a certified instructor since 1984. He has certified over 2000 divers and has over 5000 dives. He hand picks the dive staff including:

Dave Bennett, Heidi Peterson, Todd Cline, Gerry Hendrix

Charlie Stirling
Owner / Instructor

Dave Bennett
NAUI /PADI Instructor

Gerry Hendrix
Senior Technician

David EdwardsDive Team